Friday, January 9, 2009

A trip to the hospital today

I received a call from the school of my young apprentice today. It seems she had hurt her arm and the school thought it might be broken. She was playing on the ice in the school yard and had a collision of sorts with a classmate. Playing on the ice was an activity that I had previously forbidden earlier this week due to her already having two very bruised elbows, a very bruised knee and a bump on the back of the head, all from playing on the ice. Apparently 10 year old apprentices don't believe their mothers when we say that it's for their own good. But what can you do?

So up to the hospital we went for x-rays and fortunately for her it turned out to be only a very good bang-up on the elbow. She's in a sling for a few days, on Tylenol and an ice pack. Swimming at the Aquatic Center is out for this weekend but she can still attend Art Class in the morning. I am just SO glad for her that she is not in a cast. Hopefully for her sake and my sanity, she has learned a lesson. We'll see.

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