Monday, January 19, 2009

My Little Secret - I am NOT Christina Hill

Well I am sortof... It's really a pseudonym that I came up with because it sounded snappier than my real name. I came to it using the classic method of combining your middle name with a street you grew up on. I like how it sounds and I like being able to shorten it to "chill". Cool huh?

Well just like when you think that you picked a unique name for your child, and they start school alongside a few other kids with the same name, so did it dawn on me that there are an *awful* lot of Christina's, and Christine's, and Kristina's in the scrapping/card-making world. Are they all snappy sounding pseudonyms too? Probably not. But I just wanted to clear that up for the people I know who visit my blog and are confused that they don't recognize the name. Snappy is in folks. Unfortunately, it's everywhere I want to be too.

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Lisa Renéa said...

Very clever, indeed!! =)