Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not as productive today as I had hoped

I had wanted to get into making something with my new Zutter supplies but I never really got the chance. Well let's say I didn't really make the time for it. We ended up watching some Dr Who episodes. I gave hubby a few seasons of it for Christmas. I didn't think I would ever be interested in Dr Who but I am finding myself becoming quite enthralled. I love him! He's so cute and quirky and funny and the writing is phenomenal. Ah to be young and British. :) On the other hand, I did get a few 3x3 mini Valentines done today on behalf of my little apprentice. She didn't participate this time. She was busy entertaining her boyfri.... err I mean best friend. They played Wii all afternoon and then had a supper of homemade burger and fries, and then they watched an episode of Dr Who with us. Poor boy had never seen Dr Who before so we sent him home with one of our DVDs. Apparently his father is very excited as he hasn't seen Dr Who since he was a child. Hopefully I will get more crafting done this week instead.

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