Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm SO happy to have my car back

We were involved in a vehicle mishap two weeks before Christmas that required having a few dents and scratches fixed on the hood of our car, which is a Ford Focus Wagon. There were finally able to take it in this week for the repair (it's been a busy season for accidents with all the snow apparently). We only bought the Focus in October and so far it's been my favourite car of all the previous ones we've owned. My second favourite was a Ford Taurus. I never considered myself to be a Ford girl. I've had a Dodge, a Buick and a Pontiac too, but my best cars have been my Fords. Anyhow, we had a rental car for a few days. It was a 2009 Dodge Caliber. Oddly enough my mother's rental car this week from a different rental spot is also a 2009 Caliber. She was in a different accident the same week we were. So the Caliber was just not the right fit for me. I have long legs and larger proportions and I had to contort myself just to get into the driver's seat. My head had to practically touch the steering wheel while getting in so I wouldn't crack my head on the door frame. Then there were little things that just irked me like the position of the heat vents. The hot air wouldn't land directly on the steering wheel, which is pretty important in our Canadian winters. Also the vent on the left was at 7 o'clock on the one on the right was at 2 o'clock so I had to grip the wheel unevenly and stick my fingers out to warm them. Yes, I actually wear furry polar mittens but my fingers still get cold so I warm them with the car heat vents. Speaking of which, in the Caliber, they never really got quite hot enough. It took at least 20 minutes last night for the air to finally feel hot rather than lukewarm. Suffice it to say, I love my Focus and never thought I would be so happy to have my car back. One thing is for sure, I would never buy a Caliber. It's just the wrong car for me. My Focus is Fab and the repairs were done perfectly. Happy Thursday all!

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