Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wild and crazy winter

We got hit with yet another storm last night. We were still chopping up the ice from the storm last Wednesday. We are all just a little bit tired of digging out.

Here is hubby starting to scoop at 6:30 this morning. The red arrow shows the top of my concrete pedestal bird bath.

At 8am, the path to the sidewalk is finally passable and the car in the driveway to the right can be backed out.

Here is the view out our back door. That's our old car in the back. It's not going anywhere. The snow drift to the left of the door is up to my chest. I remember a few years back though opening this door and the doorknob had left a hole in the wall of snow. So all things considered...

Have a great and safe Wednesday!


BBesigns said...

I hope Spring Comes soon for you

Lisa Renéa said...

Oh my stars! Your one brave soul to conquer this type of weather. I simply could not endure. Love your hugs & kisses card & the adorable card, too. All of these great cards, and now I discover you make your own soap, too! WOW!