Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6 O'Clock Card - Thank You

Stamped on the untextured side of Bazzill card stock because I got an incomplete stamp on the other side. So flipped it over and voilà! I thought the dragonfly bling would be a cute touch. I did a different technique for the sentiment. First I heavily inked the stamp with brown ink then applied a bit of black over the brown, then I stamped the card. I like how it made a brown outline around the black and almost looks like it was stamped twice.


Krista B. said...

Gorgeous card, I love the soft feel this card has. Love those stamped butterflies :)

Anonymous said...

The card is so beautiful!!! I like the colour very much! I like to make cards myself, but I am a Chinese, and in Guangzhou it's difficult to buy the materials for making the cards, so I always have to think about some simples ways to make the cards more beautiful. Anyway, it's a surprise for me to find your blog, and to let me see so many amazing works! Waiting for your new works!