Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Ice Storm and Power Outage

It was a miserable weather day today, with freezing rain off and on all day long. This meant an armour layer of ice on the car, that required chipping off a few times throughout the day.

On the way home, we noticed truck from the local power utility working on power lines by the breakwater. So for the rest of the drive home I looked in all the houses for some sign of light within. Nothing. Once we pulled into the driveway, it was obvious that the entire neighbourhood was without power. Hubby got out and quickly shoveled the wet crusty snow from the walkway, getting drenched by the pouring rain in the process. It was then that I suggested that we just go out for a quick supper. So we went back out and hit the drive through at the local Arby's and headed back home to eat by candlelight.

Hubby left for work and my little apprentice and I retired to my bedroom with the laptop and watched The Incredibles from my bed. It was so much fun with the oil lamp lighting the room, the cat snuggled at our feet and the two of us snuggling under the blankets. We watched the movie until the battery died. Then we switched to the iPod and watched Discovery Channel podcasts that I had downloaded, until that battery died.

We continued to snuggle and I quizzed her in verb conjugation until we decided to roll over and snooze for a bit. We just started to drift off when all the lights came back on. What crazy timing, just in time for me to record hubby's favourite shows tonight. With all that, I hope he makes it home ok on the slushy roads.

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